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Consulting Firm aXantiaConsulting Ltd, Welcome!

Compliance and Products Inspection, Legal Assistance and Technical Expertise, Management Systems, Project Management, Industry 4.0


The People of aXantia, during the years, in Italy and abroad have acquired experience of project and / or implementation and management of people and resources in the following industrial sectors:

ñ Agribusiness;

ñ Automotive (Design and Testing);

ñ Product and System Certification;

ñ Great Distribution Centers;

ñ Integrated Logistics;

ñ Mechanical and Electronic Manufacturing;

ñ Planning and execution of works and installations;

ñ Health and Analysis Laboratories and Therapeutic;

ñ Facilities Tourist hotel.

aXantia Srl offers coverage of technical and management are necessary to understand and analyse the needs of your Company. In summary, we managed:

ñ Project Management: build works, Project Management Implementation Systems for Production, Quality and Safety Improvement Projects in production environments;

ñ Management Systems (Quality, Safety and Environment): implementation and maintenance in over 100 Companies and Inspections of the Second and Third Part;

ñ Logistics, Management and Supplier Qualification: Office of Logistics Management in international context, implementation of measurement systems and monitoring of qualification of suppliers;

ñ Inspection of Import and CE Marking: Support to importers of several hundred works, including assistance to Laboratory Tests to verify Product’s Conformity.

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